Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How To Make a SUPER Simple Scrunchy

Here is how to make the easiest way to use up those pesky scraps. If you are like me you have small bits of fabric everywhere that just can't be thrown away and it really is nice to find a use for them. Well, what could be better than a cute hair scrunchy for you or a fellow little one?
Here's how:

Cut a strip of fabric 3 in by 15 in

Fold the strip in half length wise and sew the ends right sides together so you have a nice circle

Fold the long edges of the fabric under to the wrong side about 1/4 in and fold the whole strip of fabric in half. Sew it together leaving about an inch unsewn so you can put in the elastic.

 Now, take enough 1/4 in elastic to fit comfortably around your wrist (make sure it is a little bit snug though it can't be to loose) and with a safety pin guide the elastic through the hole and all the way around the scrunchy back through the hole again. Sew the elastic ends together and sew the hole you left for the elastic closed.

That's it! These things are awesome! I have made a ton so far since they only take a couple of minutes. Have fun with yours!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fuzzy Sweater To Fluffy Leg Warmers

I received a very large bag of used clothes the other day and in there right at the top was a fuzzy old sweater. As soon as I saw it I immediately remembered the leg warmer craze I have been going through lately. So, out came some class from that poor, fluffy sweater.


Here's how you can make your own:

Take a hand-me-down sweater (any one will do) and cut off the sleeves at the shoulder seam. Just slash away it doesn't have to be neat.

 Now, take the sleeves and cut off the hump.

I had to take in the side a little where the sleeve got bigger for the underarm. Make sure it's nice and snug so it will stay on your leg like it's supposed to.

Lay out your leg warmer and about 3 inches from the smallest part cut half way around to form the stirrup that goes underneath your foot. Hem the top and you viola! You are done!!! 
I think there are many more of these to come... SO EASY!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to Make Hair Flowers

I have been going hair flower crazy! So for my first tutorial I will be showing you how to make these beauties! Here's how:

 First what you are going to do is cut out 2 felt circles. This will be the size of the finished flower so the size of these does not matter.

 Next, using the felt circles as a pattern cut out 16 circles out of the fabric of your choice. (Isn't this the cutest fabric) I love it!

 Pair together 2 of the circles wrong sides together

 Fold in half and place a dot of glue in the center

Fold in half 1 more time and place a dot of glue on the corner 

 Then, glue it to the center of one of the felt circles

 Continue the last step until the folded circles go all the way around the felt circle

 Now, fold a pair of circles again and glue on top of the other glued circles diagonally

 Continue all the way around again and glue on a button of your choice. In this case I glued on some pearl beads (faux of course)

 Trim around the base felt circle

 Take the second felt circle and cut a small slit near the edge and clip a bare hair clip into the slit and glue this to the flower

TADA!!! You are finished!!! From here you can even bling it some more. You could glue on some rick rack or even use multiple fabrics. Trust me, The Possibilities are ENDLESS


Hi there! I am Karis and I my world revolves around crafts. I will be posting a lot of projects on my blog so hopefully I'll have some people join in and make some homemade goodies with me. So if you sew, knit, crochet, (etc.) or always wanted to than tune in every so often.