Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fuzzy Sweater To Fluffy Leg Warmers

I received a very large bag of used clothes the other day and in there right at the top was a fuzzy old sweater. As soon as I saw it I immediately remembered the leg warmer craze I have been going through lately. So, out came some class from that poor, fluffy sweater.


Here's how you can make your own:

Take a hand-me-down sweater (any one will do) and cut off the sleeves at the shoulder seam. Just slash away it doesn't have to be neat.

 Now, take the sleeves and cut off the hump.

I had to take in the side a little where the sleeve got bigger for the underarm. Make sure it's nice and snug so it will stay on your leg like it's supposed to.

Lay out your leg warmer and about 3 inches from the smallest part cut half way around to form the stirrup that goes underneath your foot. Hem the top and you viola! You are done!!! 
I think there are many more of these to come... SO EASY!


  1. Love them! You are so so creative! Fuzzy leg warmers are the best! Keep posting your awesome ideas and creations!


  2. Great way to recycle a sweater!! Very creative!! And since most stains are on the front of a shirt or sweater and not on the arms, it could work for any top that seems worthless because of the stains. You're so super smart!!