Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How To Make a SUPER Simple Scrunchy

Here is how to make the easiest way to use up those pesky scraps. If you are like me you have small bits of fabric everywhere that just can't be thrown away and it really is nice to find a use for them. Well, what could be better than a cute hair scrunchy for you or a fellow little one?
Here's how:

Cut a strip of fabric 3 in by 15 in

Fold the strip in half length wise and sew the ends right sides together so you have a nice circle

Fold the long edges of the fabric under to the wrong side about 1/4 in and fold the whole strip of fabric in half. Sew it together leaving about an inch unsewn so you can put in the elastic.

 Now, take enough 1/4 in elastic to fit comfortably around your wrist (make sure it is a little bit snug though it can't be to loose) and with a safety pin guide the elastic through the hole and all the way around the scrunchy back through the hole again. Sew the elastic ends together and sew the hole you left for the elastic closed.

That's it! These things are awesome! I have made a ton so far since they only take a couple of minutes. Have fun with yours!

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