Friday, December 14, 2012

Ballet Shrug FREE Pattern

    Here I am AGAIN with a knitted project. I don't know what it is about all this knitting, but I sure have been enjoying it! 

I am so proud of this little pattern! It is just what I need for dance, nice and snug, but also warm. 

Here's how to make your own:
CO 27 sts

 k in stockinette st around until piece measures 1.5 in from beg

Thumb Hole:
Begin working stockinette st in rows NOT rnds for 1.5 in

Begin working in the rnd. K stockinette st for the length of your arm

Start working in rows instead of rnds like you did with the thumb hole and continue for the length of your back mine was 17"

Second Sleeve:
Work the same as the first sleeve, thumb hole, and palm

TADA!!! You are done! I hope you enjoy! Let me know in comments if you have any questions.


  1. How did you knit in a round with so few stitches? I have very small circular needles but the stitches won't stretch all the way around the needles

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for showing interest in this pattern! Instead of using a circular needle I distributed the stitches on three double pointed needles. This way the needles just form to the amount of stitches. There are lots of tutorials online of this technique so hopefully you won't have any trouble, but if you do go ahead ad request in another comment and I'll be happy to post one on my blog. I hope that helps. Happy knitting! :-)

  2. Hi
    Love the shaping to this shrug
    What weight yarn did you use? and what size needles?

    Daughter really into ballet so this will be a nice end of year gift

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for showing interest in my pattern! The yarn I used is just the typical worsted weight yarn and I used US size 5 needles. Thanks again and I will be sure to put this information in the post in the near future. :-)

  3. So perfect! Thankyou! My nieces are dancers and requested some leg warmers. Your shrug will be a nice surprise for them.

  4. This is a wonderful shrug pattern - sure to please all tweens and teens.



  5. Hi!! So happy to have found a pattern for a ballet shrug!!! My sister is 63 years old and is still doing ballet!! She just got back on point!!!! I am knitting her your gorgeous shrug for Christmas with some sassy yarn from Filatura DiCrosa made in Italy. It is extra fine merino Cashmere. Do you think I can make your pattern with it?? I have been searching and searching for a pattern. Please help?? Frustrated knitter, Lynn from Monterey, CA

  6. Hi,
    Found the pattern on Ravelry and it's just what I was looking for! Thanks for making pattern for a plain, no-nonsense shrug. My mum is going to knit this for me, but she has some questions. How do the sleeves fit at the top of the arm if they also fit at the wrist, without row increases? She has just the wrist so far, and it fits my wrist well, but there's no way it'll go around my bicep at that size.


    1. Hi! I don't know if you still need shaping directions but I had exactly the same problem with mine, my bicep at the largest part is about 11" so it definitely wouldn't fit my wrist as well as that. I adjusted the shaping to my arm so you may need to change it a little for your size, the arm length ended up being around 18". I also knitted mine with size 6 needles and worsted weight yarn, and I started with 28 instead of 27 but the number of stitches doesn't affect the shaping at all so with that I found 5 rows=1inch or maybe a little over. Anyway here is what I used :)

      From bottom of thumb knit stockinette until you hit where your forearm gets larger (mine was around 5 1/2" to 6" down) after this you start the shaping

      Increase rnd: K1, Kbf, K until last 2 stitches, Kbf, K1
      K10 rnds then repeat Inc rnd
      K5 rnds then repeat Inc rnd (do this 3 more times, ending after Inc rnd)
      K 10 rnds then repeat Inc rnd
      K5 rnds then repeat Inc rnd
      K10 rnds then repeat Inc rnd (do this one more time, ending after Inc rnd)
      K5 rnds (or until it reaches the length you like) and then start knitting in rows for the back

      When I got to the other arm I just reversed all the numbers going back down the arm and replaced the increase rounds with a decrease which was: K1, K2tog, K until last 2 stitches, Ssk, K1. The decrease isn't completely invisible but the left/right leaning dec should make it less obvious. Hope this helps!


  7. Hi, I'm wondering how you transition from knitting in the round, to knitting in rows. I've never done that. It looks in the last picture like you had finished off several stitches from under the armpit up to the top of the shoulder. Actually, I think I've only ever knitted in the round so maybe that is why I don't understand. Thank you!

  8. This is exactly the pattern I've been looking for! Thank you so much for coming up with it! Like the person above, I am also confused as to how to begin working straight stockinette stitch in rows instead of rounds. I planned on using magic loop for this project. Is it possible to get a bit more explanation on how this is accomplished? In my mind's eye, I see the piece as joined in the round, so how can one begin to knit rows once it's already joined and in tubular form?

  9. I’m curious of the measurement of this when you finished... I need to either make one or buy one for my little ballet dancer...