Monday, December 10, 2012

How To Make A Beaded Necklace

I am so SUPER excited about this necklace! I have been wanting one like this for forever, but could never find one I like so... I 100% made my own!

I didn't have any of that fancy wire or crimp beads to do it the right way, so I had an ah ha moment, and used this silver all-purpose thread I had on-hand. So that the finished product wouldn't break, I cut three of the same size pieces of thread and glued them together with a little Mod Podge so they would go through the beads easily. To determine the length of the thread decide how long you want your         necklace, and add 5-8 ins.

String your thread through one side of a clasp and tie with a sturdy knot leaving about a 2-4 tail

String your first bead through the long tail and the left over short tail from the knot

Repeat with the second bead...

...and the third

Continue that last step until there is no more short tail, and keep stringing your beads on the long tail until your necklace is half the size you want it to be finished.

Take your awesome optional charm...


... and string it through the thread. Continue stringing the other half of beads and tie off with the other side of your clasp making sure to leave a little bit of extra string so the necklace rounds and lays nicely. Take the excess tail from the knot, and run it through the last beads.

AND YOU ARE DONE! I hope you enjoy!

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